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Professional Numismatic Dealer and Consultant for Over 50 Years
I have handled, developed, and sold many of the finest rare coin collections in the world including:

  • Rare Colonial issues, including several 1792 issues
  • Assemblage of specialized collections of all early U.S. coins by die variety
  • Simultaneous ownership and subsequent sale of two high quality 1838-O 50¢
  • Assisted in the completion of the finest collection of Double Eagles ever assembled, including the 1927-D

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Mr Leidman is one of those rare individuals who is both honest and knowledgeable.
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Dealer in Rare Coins - Over 45 Years Experience
  • Sale of the Wilkison Gold Pattern Collection in 1973, and later bought and sold individual pieces including the unique 1907 Indian Head $20, the 1872 6-piece Amazonian Set and 1874 Bickford $10.
  • Bourse dealer at hundreds of local, regional and national coin shows and convention.
  • Participation in every major U.S. auction held since 1968, representing as many as 25 bidders at the same time.
  • Consultation to corporations, dealers, and collectors in order to develop, build and expand collections as well as being instrumental in the promotion of the numismatic hobby.
  • Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Numismatists Guild.
  • Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Numismatic Association
Outstanding references are available to collectors, investors, dealers, and institutions from the US and around the World.  Inquiries are invited from qualified and serious individuals, businesses, and institutions, by email or telephone. Or you may feel free to stop by my table at any of the major US coin shows; I have a table at all of them!  If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, make sure you visit my store.

Upcoming Exhibitions

We are attending a few shows a year including the January FUN exhbition, Whitman Expos in Baltimore, both ANA conventions, plus some others.  Please let me know if you want to check on any other shows, possibly including the Long Beach Expo and the Central States convention.

   Please contact me if you need representation at any of the major coin auctions.   

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Dealer in Rare Coins - Over 45 Years Experience
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